Wilson Chandra

Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

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Hello! Welcome to my website. I am Wilson Chandra. I come from Jakarta, Indonesia, but now I am currently residing in Hong Kong. I am currently a student in Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, class 2014.

I obtained my Cambridge A-Level and O-Level and graduated from my Junior College education in Bina Bangsa School, class of 2011 located in Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Indonesia. Other school that I attended includes SMP Sekolah Kristen Ketapang II, class of 2008, located in Green Garden, Jakarta, Indonesia, and SD Sekolah Pelita II, class of 2005, located in Daan Mogot, Jakarta, Indonesia.
In memorial of the forcefully demolished building of the former Sekolah Kristen Ketapang II located in Green Garden due to some conflict of interests between some parties.

I am fluent in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. I have a fair ability in Mandarin Chinese, and currently studying Cantonese, though the language is very hard :(.

Some of my Interests include Computing, Technology, Informatics, Business, Economics, Finance, and Current Affairs. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, playing and listening music, watching videos and TV shows, traveling, and of course playing. Please note that there are more of my interests and hobbies not posted here… 😀

The purpose of making this website is for me to share my knowledge in technology. However, please accept my apology for some not well-written articles in my blog.

So, that’s all for my introduction, and if you want to know more about me, please do not hesitate to give comments, contact me via Facebook or twitter, or even sending me an e-mail.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article 😀

Bahasa Indonesia version of this article is coming soon.

7 responses to “About”

  1. W-cH's says :

    wah… thx ya smua yg ud ngunjungin blog gw…

    klo mau bkin blog yg bagus… ya artikel di dlm na juga hrus bagus… 😀

  2. Roselle Pomposelli says :

    pngen d ajarin dung bkin blog yg bgus. stu lg mo mnta tlong hackin hp gw yng udah d update sftwrenya… plisss !!!

  3. danuable says :

    pngen d ajarin dung bkin blog yg bgus. stu lg mo mnta tlong hackin hp gw yng udah d update sftwrenya… plisss !!!

  4. Ghifari Faza says :

    Hoooo Blog yang bagus
    keren ajarin donk bikin blog bagus

  5. t4rum4 says :

    Walah. D edit dong. Hehehe. Met kenal ajah. Mksh dah mampir.

  6. W-cH's says :

    Tulisan ini belum saya update.

    Mungkin kalau anda mau melihat about me.

    Silakan lihat profil friendster saya.


    Terima Kasih

  7. ACW says :

    Son ini di edit aja jadi About ME atau about u

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