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Supermarket System Version 2

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The writer is pleased to inform that the extension to the previous programming project, Supermarket System Version 2 has been released to teachers and examiners, as a private assessment stage.

In this version 2 of supermarket system, this system has been redesigned. IBM DB2 database system is implemented in this system, along with some major improvements, such as inclusion of statistics and reporting, in addition to items and sales management.

Warning : As this program is still in a private assessment stage, no copy of this program is published on the internet. This page is only intended for communication of comments, improvements, and criticism of this project only by the teachers and examiners involved.


This program is used to help people administering supermarkets which consists of many items and stocks to track, and is required to print purchase receipt.

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Kontrol PC dari jarak jauh dengan Windows Live Mesh

Wah, sudah lama blognya tidak diupdate. Mau sharing lagi nih artikel baru.

Perlu untuk mengontrol PC rumah anda secara mendadak? Lupa meng-copy file penting ke laptop padahal file tersebut sangatlah penting? Panikkah anda? Padahal anda sudah mempunyai laptop dengan koneksi internet?

Hal tersebut tidak perlu terjadi jika anda bisa mengontrol PC dari jarak jauh.


Artikel Berseri : 1. Kontrol PC dengan Windows Live Mesh

Download Windows Live Essentials di http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials

Website Windows Live Mesh http://explore.live.com/windows-live-mesh

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