Back up Settings on your S60v3 device

How to backup your phone settings without “Memory Card > Backup phone memory” or PC Suite?

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Back up Settings on your S60v3 device
thnx to @Shashank1976

Access Point Settings? Piece of cake:
Navigate to C:\PRIVATE\10202be9\persists. Scroll down until you find a file called
cccccc00.cre and copy it to your memory card. When you need to move your access points to
a new phone, just send over the .cre file, paste it in the apporopriate folder and restart.

Profiles? As easy as 1-2-3:
Navigate to C:\PRIVATE\10202be9\persists. Copy the file 101f8798.cre to your memory card.
When you need to move your profile settings, just move this .cre file to the appropriate folder
and restart.

Web cookies? Here you are:
Navigate to C:\PRIVATE\101f8530 and copy the file cookies.dat to your memory card. Whenever you need to restore your cookies, just copy this
file to the above location and restart.

Notes? Give me a challenge:
Copy the file DBS_101F8878_Notepad.dat from C:\PRIVATE\100012a5 to your memory
card and your notes will be forever safe.

Tip:If you can’t delete the original file,
it’s because the system is using it. To go past this, just go to Tools >> Utilities >> Memory,
and from Options, choose to make a backup of phone memory. While this is being done,
you can delete and replace files as you wish!

Ngage data? Sure thing:
Go to C:\PRIVATE\20007b39. Copy the folders that start with 200 to your memory card.
Whenever you need to restore your saves, just copy these folders back over!

Bluetooth? Oh, come on!
For Bluetooth settings, there are two files: In C:\PRIVATE\10202be9\persists, you’ll find
10204dac.cre. This file contains your bluetooth name. If you want to save your bluetooth paired devices, copy over DBS_100069CC_btregistry
which is in C:\PRIVATE\100012a5.

Browser Bookmarks? *Yawn*:
Copy the file DBS_101FD685_BrowserBookmarks.db from C:\PRIVATE\100012a5.

Menu Layout? I’m falling asleep:
The settings for Menu Layout are stored in a file called appshelldata.xml which is located in
C:\PRIVATE\101F4CD2\Content.If you have a pre-FP1 device like n73 or n80, your file is located in the same folder, but it’s called Applications.dat

Text Messages stored on Memory card? Shhhhi..!
Copy the mail2 folder in E:\PRIVATE\1000484b

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    stop the thirdparty apps from startup

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