CloudNG – The Cloud Next Generation : Release

Thank you for your interest in our Personal Dropbox project, which is our FYP project from HKU CS.

We experience a common problem on usual top-tier cloud storage providers. Our data privacy is often compromised by using their services. Furthermore, traditional cloud storage providers only support storage of files and folders.

On light of those problems, we are delighted to start our Personal Dropbox project and attempted to make an implementation of an integrated Personal Information Management and File Storage system.

This is where the idea of CloudNG – The Cloud Next Generation came from.


Some of the most distinct features of CloudNG are the ability to Synchronize Contacts, Calendars, and Browser Settings from your devices. Futhermore, CloudNG use open standards APIs, so that you can access our services from Third Party Applications. You can also use our service from your devices without having to install additional applications and open your internet browser because of these open standard APIs.

After a long wait, we are pleased to announce that the CloudNG has been released and open to public.

We would like to invite you to try our project. Please visit this link to have a look on CloudNG:

Thank you once again for your interest.

One response to “CloudNG – The Cloud Next Generation : Release”

  1. Komputasi awan says :

    Thank you for the information 😀

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