Biology Project yang melelahkan


Cape bgtz kykna gw hari ini

Gtw np? Tiba2 Mr. Jig memberikan gw proyek ttg biologi.

Gw harus membuat presentasi dan produk tentang yoghurt.

waktunya cuma 1 minggu

Sampai 8 Mei 2009

BINA BANGSA SCHOOL Kebun Jeruk, Jakarta

INDIVIDUAL PROJECT for Biology I Year 10 Avicenna 1 May 2009 I Biotechnology Mr. Gregorry


People are becoming health conscious due to the polluted society. They are now very keen on selecting food and even beauty products. Thus, products that are booming in the market nowadays are those that are organic, which are very healthy.


Foreigners will be coming to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend the Jakarta Export Exhibition to select products for export to their respective countries. Make sure to convince them regarding your product.


For this project, pretend that you are an exhibitor for the Jakarta Export Exhibition, Your company sent you to this event to market the biological product to the foreigners. The purpose is for them to be convinced of how well you know your product in terms of its production and its health benefits.

Guidelines for the Project

Marketing of a biological product through presentation

A Come up with the following:

1 company name

2 unique name of the product 3 tagiine for the product

Make sure the names and tagline are catchy.

B Product research

You must know how your products are manufactured in a biological point-of- view. This includes biological processes, organisms and equipments. Make sure that the foreigners will fully understand how your product is processed.

C Presentation Proper

1 Dress to impress! Not dress to kill!

This is a formal business exhibition. Make sure you dress properly and look decent in front of the clients.

2 A presentation is not convincing without any visuals. Make sure you make visuals for your reporting. I suggest using powerpoint or any props that may help you explain the processing of your product

(Visuals include pictures, charts, graphs)

It’s up to you what techniques and strategies you will use for your visuals.

II Product Prototype

A An actual product must be made, but only the packaging.

This packaging must contain the information there could be like a usual product you see in the market On the other hand, make sure that it does not look scattered.

B The packaging must be alluring so that consumers will be convinced to buy your product but…

Convince them in a biological point of view

III 45-second Video Advertisement

A Pretend that you are presenting to them a television advertisement for your product

Television ad must be very catchy and interesting, but it should also be loaded with biological information regarding your product

Be able to budget and stretch out 45 seconds. Maximize it!

Output for this is in CD form. Make sure that it is playable in windows media player.

III CD Cover-Booklet

Moreover. the CD comes with a cover-booklet This booklet will also serve as a brochure.

It must be handy without compensating the information it should contain. It should be concise. Always be reminded that these are massed produced for public to know your product Thus, they must be easy to be reproduced.


There must always be a balance of creativity and content for this project Do not over-do it with creativity and forgetting that this is a project in biology. Make sure that you come up with creative ideas. On the other hand, do not be too boring. Remember, this is not a lecture. You are not a teacher. You are a marketing manager.


Dates to Remember


Video Advertisement in CD form deadline:


You are free to visit me in the teacher’s workroom if you need any help, inputs or questions regarding this project. Please inform the teacher first when you will consult with him.

Grading System

This project is considered a 50-point chapter test. Grades will solely rely on the teachers that will judge your work.

A Presentation 50%

Delivery 10%

Content 30%

Visuals 10%

B Product Prototype (30%)

Content 20%

Creativity 10%

C CD Booklet-Brochure (20%)

Content 10%

Creativity 10%

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  1. W-cH's says :

    @ nupho…

    thanks ya award na…

    bingung mo ksi siapa ya…


  2. W-cH's says :



    gw sneng sih pljrnna

    tpi kdng guruna ksi tgs ga kira2


    tpi gpp kok…

    projectna berhasil kok 😀

  3. W-cH's says :

    @ jasmine, nupho, kenta…

    thanks ya

    project na berhasil kok


  4. nupho says :

    kamu aku kasih award yah.. bisa diambil di blog ku..
    keep blogging..!

  5. aglng says :

    uwehhh, biologi… pelajarannya enak… tp gurunya yg bikin eneg… 😦

  6. Kenta says :

    wow.. kamu sendiri? ayo semangat!

  7. Geraldo Nicholas says :

    Skrg Blogq dh ganti Domain y…!!!
    Yg lama (.tk) rusak.. Tolong d Ganti y Blogrollnya..!!!
    Yg Gerlnich thu lho!!

  8. nupho says :

    maju terus pantang mundurr..!!

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